Travel Planning UI Kit

Using the power of free Figma Templates allows you to build really beautiful website designs in minutes.

This free Figma travel planning UI kit makes use of the following free templates available on this website
Pegasus Design System for the look and feel of all fonts, CTAs and structure.
Travel Illustrations Pack
for the visual 2D illustrations.
Cute Avatar Maker
for the testimonial avatars.

These templates are combined to create a nice and clean website landing page and search page in both desktop and mobile sizes.

Note; this design took less than an hour to create by simply dragging onto the artboard the Pegasus design system elements and selecting relevant 2D illustrations.  It really was a fun and simple process.

If you want to create a web high quality design yourself in Figma incredibly quickly, just select one of design systems we have sourced, then choose some interesting illustrations and combine them to create something fresh and new. You'll love it!

To access and use the travel planning UI kit, click the big red button below, then when Figma opens, select all the elements (ctrl+a for PC, command+a for Mac) then copy them (ctrl+c or command+c) then open a new Figma file and paste the elements in (ctrl+v or command+v). Either that or click the drop down arrow next to the title of the Figma file at the top of the page and select 'Duplicate to your drafts'.

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