Cute Custom Avatar Maker

Build out cute and eye poppingly adorable avatars with this simple drag and drop template in Figma. This free Figma custom avatar maker is really simple to use with hundreds of combinations available. Plus since the design look is so simple, you can create your own color/hair/accessory illustrations quickly and easily.

So what are avatars? Well any website that has a user signup section usually requires a way to visualise the person who has signed up.  This usually takes the form of the photo of the person, but what happens if that person doesn't want to use a photo of themselves? Well that's where avatars come in, they're stylized representations of the user which can showcase their unique look, or users can create characters they wished they looked like. So have some fun and make some avatars today!

Included in this Figma template is also a bonus Halloween section which includes really beautiful illustrations that really catch the eye.

To access this free Figma cute custom avatar maker, simply click the big red button below, then click 'Open in Figma' and you now have a working file in your Figma program.

Author: Ashley Seo

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