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Now we use the terms 'minimalist' and 'simple' on this website a massive amount, but this truly is the most perfect representation of these two words. It's clear that in 2024 websites aren't supposed to be packed with intricate details, decorations and visual flourishes, what people want instead is just an extremely functional website that conveys information in the simplest way possible, which doesn't sound very exciting, but that's just the way the web is nowadays: function over form.

So if you're looking to create the most functional website possible, while still remaning modern and engaging then we highly recommend this free Figma bike shop website template. It includes 5 UI page designs in desktop width, those pages are a homepage, a products page, product details page, about us and finally a theme page (basically a page focused on bike themes not actual products).

A few negatives to note are that these UI screen designs for web aren't responsive and the auto-layout feature has been used in a suboptimal way, but despite that it still looks amazing and you can apply this website template's look and feel to literally any type of website from shopping and fashion to sports and recreation, it's so generic in style and strucuture that it can be applied to any website category, as long as you have a huge amount of high quality photos on hand.

Also just a note: the font used for this free Figma template is called 'Nuckle' so you'll need to download this or activiate it using Adobe fonts.

To access this free Figma bike shop website template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Maurri Koné

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