Travel App Template

This is about as clean, professional and straighforward as you can get. Here we have a travel app template named Hawkeye, that's designed for mobile and contains 18 UI screen designs.

Everything is clearly laid out and easy to understand with onboarding, location browsing, location targeting (maps), an itinerary form, calendar planning, sign in, login, sign up, a travel plan and social links. Basically it contains all the elements you need to create your own travel app, or planning app, or itinerary app or you could even apply this design to almost anything as it's so clean and simple.

If you're looking to improve the visuals of this app, some options would be to change the font (it currently uses Poppins which is a very over-used font currently), change the color scheme as blue and white is very standard and if you're feeling fancy you could try adding some very subtle shadowing to add some character and visual interest.

To access this free Figma travel app template just tap the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma community page and just like that the UI design screens will be available in your templates section of Figma.

Author: Alan Love

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