Booking App UI Kit

The best free Figma templates are the ones that provide for you the whole user journey, and this booking app UI kit does just that. It also looks amazing as it includes a large selection of illustrations by the artist Citta and the color scheme is quite varied but all of the colors looks modern and delightful.

This booking app UI kit is similar to an Airbnb style mobile application, so if you're looking to create your own Airbnb or even if you have a small bed and breakfast you want to move to online bookings, then this booking template would create quite the impact.

You might also want to check out the Blush plugin for Figma that this design template supports. What does the Blush plugin do? Well it provides support for swappable and editable premium looking 2D illustrations. So you can create any sort of illustrated scene quickly and easily to match you website theme.

*Note this specific design template uses the CC By 4.0 Creative Commons License.

To access this free Figma booking app UI kit, simply click the big red button below, and then select the 'Open in Figma' button.

Author: Blush

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