Wirefigma - Wireframe Kit

So many wireframes are either limited in options or look very boring and old.  Wirefigma the wireframe kit is neither of those, it includes a large selection of wireframe sections, all of which have a really modern look and a modern structure so you can drag and drop these sections into an artboard to build a wireframe design in seconds.

Wirefigma also includes a full design system, listing out all the separate elements you need such as buttons, checkboxes, form elements, cards and notifications.

If you need a one stop shop for your wireframing needs then this is the Figma template for you.

To get Wirefigma the wireframe kit; simply click the big red button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button in the resulting page to open an editable version in Figma.

Author: Tibor Lovas

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