Windows 11 Design System

Microsoft have released version 3 of their Windows 11 Design System and you can get it right now!

This is a free, completely editable Figma template that contains thousands of components for: date and time, dialogs and flyouts, lists and collections, media, navigation, scrolling, text fields, status updates and general components such as buttons and typography. Everything you need to create an application, program, website or app that looks identical to the Windows look.

It's also a fantastic reference point if you're trying to create your own Design System, it's clean, straightforward, educational and easy to use. This is as professional as you're going to get.

To get the Windows 11 design system; simply click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button in the top right corner of the Figma page.

Author: Microsoft

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