Vegan Makeup App

It's now become very popular to have makeup and beauty products that are cruelty free, vegan and animal friendly, so if you're looking to make your own cosmetics, makeup or beauty products apps then you need to design with these in mind. And that's why you need to access this free Figma Vegan focused shopping app UI kit, containing 25 separate screen designs.

This vegan makeup app is called Free Bunny and is a UI kit showcasing the full product buying experience from signup and registration to category browsing, product browsing, product information, push notifications, QR code scanning, social sharing and more.  This really is a comprehensive and really well thought out makeup app kit.

The color scheme is a very trendy blue and mauve, and the font choice is Nunito, which is a professional but slightly cute and playful typography. Both of which combine to create a modern but upbeat and fun design theme.

To access the free Figma vegan makeup app UI kit; click the red download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button in the top right corner.

Author: Yagmur

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