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Now this is a time saver! Here we have hundreds of completely editable components that you can drag into an artboard, one after another and create a website design instantly. We're talking seconds of work that usually takes days!

The overall design style is fairly simple and clean, but you could add a touch of personality by simply changing the color scheme or fonts. It's basically an incredibly good starting point for which you can build upon.

All components are provided in mobile and desktop sizes, so you don't need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to compress these beautiful desktop designs into a smaller mobile screen. Nice!

Included are components for the hero section, features, pricing, contacts, clients, forms, footers, the team and also a selection of premade pages.

To access this free Figma UI Max Website Maker template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: CaptainDesign

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