TechPilot Wireframe Kit

Wireframes play such an important part of the design process, clearly defining content without the distraction of visual elements and decoration. Distilling a website into it's most important assets.

This TechPilot Wireframe Kit allows you to do just that, create a clean and clear set of wireframe designs that looks professional and convey the content without the distraction of imagery or animation. Included are 70 individually structured wireframe components that you can quickly drag and drop together to form website layouts instantly. 

Wireframe components include various navbar layouts, hero sections, testimonials, FAQs, footers and many more, all of which support auto-layout so you can adjust the width without breaking the layouts.

This TechPilot Wireframe Kit should include everything you need to make a full set of website wireframe pages in minutes instead of the hours or even days it would normally take.

To access the TechPilot Wireframe Kit free Figma template; click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma community page and just like that the wireframe kit will appear in your templates section in Figma.

Author: TechPilot

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