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Now here at we only ever try to showcase free Figma templates that are large and comprehensive (not just a single webpage design or a single mobile app UI design) but every now and then, if there's a Figma template that's incredibly useful and impressive then we'll showcase that too, even if it's incomplete or just sparse on content. In this case we have 50 amazing hero section layouts('hero' just means the first thing you see when you open the homepage of a website for the first time) but unfortunately only 5 of the layouts are fully editable.  Despite this these designs are so amazing and so useful as a reference point that we've decided to showcase them all.

These stunning hero layouts feel slightly arthouse and also Bauhaus, they would work really well used on an art gallery website or a creative industry categorized website. Or even if you have a personal website that you want to look incredible, then you should definitely use these free hero layouts.

The best of these layouts we would say are layouts: 3, 7, 9, 17, 22, 30 and 46.

It's also worth mentioning the font selection, even if you don't find a hero layout that aligns to your expectations, there's links to all the fonts used and some of these are truly interesting, modern and fun.  So be sure to check these out too!

To access these free Figma templates; just click the download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you will now have an editable version of the Stunning Hero Layouts in your Figma working files library.

Author: Marko Jotic

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