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Brix Templates have built a large selection of really high quality free Figma templates. They're split components into seperate artboards so to build a full website you need to access each component seperately in the Figma community page then combine them into a single artboard. We're currently featuring the hero section as they are the most impressive, but Brix have also provided many more UI design template components such as pricing tables, footers, headers, testimonials and many, many more.

The reason this Brix template design is so impressive is that it's just so well structured, it's well laid out and the color scheme is simple but impactful. It really feels like a professional and high quality website design that you would trust. What's also really impressive about this free Figma template is that it's so simple that with just a logo change and a color change you can theme it to your business immediately, it doesn't have a lot of design flourishes that make it unique to a certain category such as flower arranging or tax accounting, it's super generic.

Included are 6 hero sections but you could easily rework them to be just main parts of the website, they don't have to be locked in as a hero section. The large image with text over the top for example could be used anywhere on a website as a break from all the white space, it would work excellent as a component for a text quote for example.

Start creating your ultra-professional looking website design today with the Brix business hero sections template.

To access these free Figma templates called Brix just click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma community page and just like that the Brix business hero sections template will magically appear in your templates section of Figma.

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