Neomorphism Style Dashboard for Figma

Neomorphism is so in-trend right now and if you want to ride this fun wave of popularity, then download this free Figma template which includes all the knobs, switches and sliders you need to make one amazing neomorphism style dashboard.

What is Neomorphism?

Neomorphism uses very soft shadows and highlights to create depth. It also relates closely to Skeumorphism in that it emulates real down sliders, buttons and switches to create a realistic look within the digital medium. Something of note is that Neomorphism feels very modern because it was never really used in the past as monitors couldn't convey really subtle colors, hues and shades.

To access this free Figma neomorphism dashboard kit, just click the big red button below, then click 'Command + A' for Mac or 'Ctrl + A' for PC to select all items, then click 'Command + C' or Ctrl + C' to copy the design, then open a new FIgma file and click 'Command + V' or Ctrl+V to paste the icons into your Figma file.  You can also just open the Figma file, go back to the Figma menu screen and right click on the design and select 'Duplicate'.

Author: Helen Odincova

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