Moood Music App

Here we have one super clean and really interesting free Figma music app template. It's called Moood music and comes in light and dark modes.

Some of the highlights of this UI template is that it uses fonts that are quite different than the usual generic ones most free Figma templates include. Such as it uses a nice chunky serif font (Playfair) which doesn't feel dated, it actually feels very 'now' and modern used in this context. It also has some perect UX with everything structured cleanly.

Included are 11 unique UI mobile app screen designs in light mode and 11 more in dark mode plus a mini style guide. Screen designs include a homepage, song browsing page, song playing, favorites, search, settings and pop-up modals.

If you're looking to create an incredibly professional and UX focused free music app template then this will be very useful for you.

To get the free Figma Moood music app UI kit simply click the 'Get Figma Link' below, then scroll down the Fabrx website and click the big blue 'Download Now' button. Then enter your email and country/postcode and click 'Complete transaction'. Then head to your email inbox, look for the "Your Moood Music Kit order" and click the blue download button. Then unzip and drag the 'Moood UI Kit.fig' into your Figma program and finally you're done!

Author: Fabrx Design

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