Landing Free UI Kit

Packed with hundreds of brilliant, fun, playful and professional looking UI elements, 'Landing' the free UI kit is truly inspiring. 

Included in this kit are a selection of example design pages plus a huge selection of components and modules. Elements include footers, pricing elements, headers, blog pages, shopping cart sections, testimonials, catalogs, dashboards, features, calls to actions, CTAs and many more, it truly is a huge and all encompassing set of website elements and what's so great about them is that they're professional, exciting and intriguing.

To access the Landing free UI kit, simply click the big red button below, then choose how much you want to pay ($0 is fine) and then enter in an email address. Download the zip file and extract the .Sketch file into your Figma program.  Since this is originally a Sketch file and not a Figma file there may be some font issues, but to overcome this you can usually just reduce the font size or line height to make things all match up.

Author: Lstore Design

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