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With almost 3000 high quality icons, this free Figma template is a must have.

Hicon is a set of vector based line icons in light and dark mode. The themes for these icons are: files, messages, multimedia, security, users, money, location, time, text editor, menu icons, arrow icons and the list goes on and on.

If your looking for clean, professional and beautiful icons then this is a great resource for you it can be used on almost any type of website, software or app as it has a generic look that still manages to feel distinct... quite the oxymoron.

If you're wondering how to search through all these icons then have no fear, just duplicate the Figma file and click the Assets button, then in the search bar just type in what you're looking for such as 'arrow', 'message', 'forward' etc.

Icons may not by the sexiest type of free Figma template, but they're an incredibly important asset for any digital designer.

To access this free Figma icon set called Hicon;  click the 'get Figma file' button below then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page and Figma will create a new duplicate of the icon set for you to edit, adjust, tweak and restyle as needed.

Author: Shaxzod

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