Skeuomorphism Dog Walking App

There's two hot subjects in digital design right now; skeuomorphism and neumorphism. As mentioned previously: "Skeumorphic emulates real world interfaces (such as buttons, dials and switches) in the digital world and Neumorphic builds on this with flat elements and soft gradients to create a beautifully subtle embossed look."

Despite being called Skeuomorphist, I would say this dog walking app design is actually both, it emulates real buttons while using flat shapes and subtle shades. To be honest, I wouldn't say it perfectly matches the theme of pet walking as it's so modern and clean, and animals are anything but that, they're more rugged and playful.  Despite this I think you could grab these elements to create some truly stunning designs.  Also the muted and futuristic color scheme would work really well in any technology or future focused design you would try to create.

To access the free Skeuomorphism Figma file simply click the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page (ignore the big green button) and click the 'Download' button. Then unzip the downloaded file and drag the .Fig file into your Figma program.

Author: Anthony Choren

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