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Focusing on minimalism, this free Figma furniture shop landing page design called Funiro, has a really clean color scheme using creams and muted pastel orange. The font used (Gilroy) also lends itself well to the modern style that's been created.

Also of note is just how much products and imagery are packed into just one landing page. Everything has been carefully laid out to all fit within the confines of a single page. Plus the photo gallery uses many images which can appear boring and repetitive but by laying them out in a jumbled yet curated way it feels fun while remaining consistent.

If you're looking to build your own furniture website or eCommerce site in Figma, then this design is a fantastic starting point.

To download the free Figma furniture shop landing page simply click the big red button below, download the .fig file and then drag it into your Figma program.

Author: Chlorophyll Lab

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