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So this is for all the UX designers out there, this free Figma template isn't about wireframes but actually about user flows. This flowchart maker is great when you're building out the general structure of a new website and you want to see how it all fits together in one big diagram, or you're trying to get your head around your current website and want to understand how large and complex it is.

Included is 200 cards which represent each page of your website (such as homepage, social section, articles page, blog page, contact page and many more), divided into 11 categories. What's great about this set of flowchart components is that mobile app cards are also included, so you can build a mobile app flowchart too. All of these components are also easily customizable and vector based, so they are also easily scalable.

If you're looking to help visualize your website then this set of components is also excellent for presentations, allowing users to easily see a detailed structure of your website in seconds.

This free Figma flowchart maker is free for you, simply click the red button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you'll have a working copy of the flowchart maker in your asset library.

Author: Craftwork

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