Elegant Shop Theme

This Figma template may not be the most visually stunning but what it does do is showcase a very clear shopping user journey in a clean and easy to understand way which is immensely useful as a reference point, if you're building out your own shopping website or app.

This set of UI screen design shop templates are shown in desktop and mobile sizes so you can easily understand how this elegant shop theme called Shoppe would work across different screen resolutions.

Included in this free Figma template are 28 desktop UI screen designs and 28 mobile UI screen designs showcasing the full user journey from browsing through shop products to a contact us page, to a my account page, forgotten password page, blog, privacy policy, about page, order summary, shopping cart information, order confirmation and a selection of account details pages such as orders and address details.

You can view a live working demo of the elegant shop theme on the VitaThemes website though some tweaks may be required to really refine the look, such as reducing the font size on some elements and perhaps trying a different, more elegant font such as the Playfair font for headings, and also using off black (#404040) instead of pure black (#000000) to make it a little less crisp.

If you're looking to create a shopping website then the Shoppe - elegant shop theme should prove very useful.

To access this free Figma elegant shop theme called Shoppe;  click the 'get Figma file' button below then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page and Figma will create a new duplicate of the design for you to edit, adjust, tweak and restyle as needed.

Author: Vitathemes

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