Christmas Illustrations

14 designers have collaborated to create this absolutely amazing free Figma Christmas illustrations pack!

Christmas is an amazing time of fun, laughter and gifts... and shopping.. a lot of shopping. So if you want to get ino the Christmas spirit you need to decorate your designs with Christmas cheer. Well you're in luck! Here we have a very large selection of 2D Christmas illustrations in high quality vector format.

What makes this Figma Christmas illustrations pack so amazing is that it also includes 3D Christmas illustrations, all of which look fantastic plus also Christmas icons are included.

14 different -highly talented- artists each supplied a set of designs and have bundled them all into this one Xmas illusrations mega pack, so if one specific style isn't to your taste you can just use a different illustrators designs.

These drawing and renders would look good added to any website, mobile app, book, flyer or invite, so what are you waiting for? Download this Figma file and get designing right now!

To access the free Figma Christmas illustrations pack click the download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you will now have an editable version of the template in your Figma working files library.

Author: Leva from Iconfinder

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