Brand Strategy Workshop

The best thing about this free Figma Brand Strategy Workshop template is that it requires no tutorial or explanation, you can basically open it up and start using it in seconds. This brand strategy workshop includes a variety of useful but varied activities from exploring the market and target audience to defining a brand voice and personality, to defining a brand vision, values, story and also a visual style, basically a quick and easy style guide definition workshop.

So do a brand strategy workshop?
The brand is easily the most important part of a business, if your brand doesn't connect with audiences then customers find very little impetus to buy and use your products. You need to clearly define yourself so customers can have a level of affinity that runs deeper than just a cheap product or a functional product. By performing a brand strategy workshop you have the opportunity to clearly defind who you are and what you do, and most importantly of all if aligns everyone in your company, so they're all working from the same playbook, they all have alignment which leads to improved performance which leads to lots of profit!

So what are you waiting for, start booking in a brand workshop with your co-workers today.

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Author: Produx Design

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