Atlassian Design System

Atlassian is the company behind the mega popular management system named Jira while also offering a range of other software systems that are popular globally, and they've just released their Design System for anyone to access and utilize.

The Atlassian design system comes in 2 parts and provides a large assortment of components and elements (also known as atoms and molecules) for you to build your own Atlassian and Jira focused interfaces. The style of the design system is extremely straightforward and clean while also looking very professional.  It also focuses on smaller font sizes and icons so that they can compress large amounts of information in very small visual panels, it really is a good example of minimalism and accessibility.

Part 1 - Components

Part 2 - Foundations

To access the free Figma Atlassian design system just click the big red button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button.

Author: Atlassian

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