500 Onboarding Screens

There's a variety of uses for this set of Figma onboarding screens, not only can you use it to create your own set on onboarding designs but you can also use these templates as prototype examples or work examples, they would look great added to your personal portfolio website for example.

These screens could also be used on a website as cards, whereby you scroll, pan or tap left or right on them to navigate between them.

Included is 500 separate Figma based onboarding screens, so a huge variety to play around with but the quality varies wildly so be sure to carefully browse the assets and only use the components and designs that best work for you and your design theme.

To download the free Figma onboarding screens just click the red button below, then enter in how much you wish to pay ($0 is fine) then click 'I want this', then add in an email address (any is fine) and you can start downloading the file.  Then drag this into your Figma program and you're done.

Author: Piqo Design

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