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Cool Icons Free Icon Pack

Cool Icons Free Icon Pack. If your a designer you find yourself constantly needing icons to fill out your website, interface design or mobile application, and this icon pack is the perfect set to build your collection. These icons work perfectly in light

1000+ Icons

1000+ Icons. This is more icons than you'll ever need, or could ever use. Included in this free Figma icon pack is over a 1000 separate high quality vector icons. The icons cover a massive range of topics from computers to life, finance, shopping, gaming

2,300 ByteDance Icons

all of the icons look clean, crisp, professional and beautiful (there's a few that might need some work). Included in this icon pack are 3 types of icons: Outlined icons (also known as line icons), filled icons and two-tone icons. Each of which just look

Free 3D Christmas Icons

Free 3D Christmas Icons. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy these oh so merry, fun and fantastic free 3D Christmas icons. If you're looking to create a festive invite, poster or website then these Christmas themed assets should be super useful. Just a note

Free Figma Baby Icons

baby icons are a great start. The icons come in black and white and also colored options. To download the free Figma baby icon set simply click the big red button below, then scroll down the page and click the 'Download' button. Author: Marina Karatkevich

Illustrations and Icons Gallery

Illustrations and Icons. Browse below the selection of free Figma illustrations and icons templates. Providing free Figma templates and. resources for your every need. ©2020 Free Figma Templates. Resources. Websites & App Interfaces. Wireframes & Userflows. Illustrations & Icons. Legals. Contact Us. Terms & Conditions. Privacy Policy

3D Social Media Icons

app. To download the free Figma 3D Social Media Icons pack; click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the 'Duplicate' button in the top right corner and you will have an editable version of the icon pack in your design file list. Author: Social

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons. Here we have 5 different types of Material Designs icons in the SVG format. Google's Material Design system is proving very popular and this set of icons works perfectly with this system. Included in this Material Design icons pack

Figma App Icons

Figma App Icons. This free Figma icon set's uniqueness is in it's scalability. These icons can be scaled down to a large degree while still remaining very legible also since they're vectors you can also scale up to a huge amount and they still look great

1000+ Free 3D Icons

1000+ Free 3D Icons. Free for you are hundreds of unique icons in 4 different color variations, first we have what's called the color variation: clay, which are icons in black and white, then we have colored icons and also the same icons in a color

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