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Basil Icons

Basil Icons. Here we have 500 beautiful, plain and simple icons for you to use as you need. All look very corporate and very clean so can be used on any type of business website you require.

1000+ Icons

1000+ Icons. This is more icons than you'll ever need, or could ever use. Included in this free Figma icon pack is over a 1000 separate high quality vector icons.

UI Icons

UI Icons. We were perplexed by the popularity of this free Figma UI icons pack, that was until we actually zoomed in and saw how high quality and impressive this set of free Figma line icons are.

Diamond Icons

Diamond Icons. The artist behind this set of 9 futuristic and artistic icons is truly talented. These icons just look enticing, mysterious and ultra high quality.

3D Icons Pack

3D Icons Pack. Despite there only being 24 3D icons in this pack we think it's still worth highlighting, as these 3D assets just look amazing! The lighting, the tone and the overall look is just spectacular!

Solar Icons Pack

Solar Icons Pack. So we have a lot of icon packs available in the world of Figma, but this set of 7000 free vector icons is the best of the best. The reason for this? It's because the icons just look so good!

Bam 3D Icons

Bam 3D Icons. This set of 3D icons is just amazing, it's colorful, fun and yet also appearing to be professional and business-like, that's quite an unusual mix.

Tabler Line Icons

Tabler Line Icons. We showcase a. lot of icons. here at. Free Figma Templates. , so we try not to add more icon packs unless they're of a very high quality or are very unique.

Icons Super Pack

Icons Super Pack. One fan of icons has spent a significant amount of time to compile all of the largest icon packs in the world into one singular free Figma icons super pack and it's available right here.

2400 Line Icons

2400 Line Icons. You gotta love free line icons, especially when they're as high quality and as comprehensive as this. Here we have a free Figma icon pack named IconPark which contains 2400 icons that are small but legible and also a little bit adorable.

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