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So this is a little different than the normal Figma templates we have here on Free Figma Templates. Usually we just showcase website or app templates and beautiful stock illustrations or icons, but here we have something a little more educational. This is a set of really useful UX templates, so if you're a UX researcher or UX designer, this should prove very useful, or even if you're just interested in adding some UX processes to your design process.

Included in this set of UX templates are UX templates for user research, competitor analysis, wireframes, design workshops, research synthesis (also known as a UX presentation), sitemap, customer journey map - this one is super important for UX researchers, user stories and user personas. Though we should highlight that the wording should be adjusted to suit you, for example we personally here at FFT, like to call them challenges and opportunities, as 'pain points' seems a little to aggressive when presenting to a client.

We highly recommend creating lots of UX artifacts when creating any new website or mobile app, as they almost always lead to an improved system and also improved internal synergy in regards to how these interfaces should work.

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Author: BB Agency

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