Ulmo eCommerce Kit

Here we have 46 mobile UI screen designs for a eCommerce kit called Ulmo, for free!

What's really nice about this eCommerce design template is that it constrains itself to a very clean and generic style while also adding some character with clever use of it's light mustard yellow color scheme and fun character icons. It just feels really correct, with everything where it should be, and aligns to the furniture theme really well.

Included are a huge range of screen designs in this template covering the full user journey of a person purchasing the eCommerce app from browsing the items to defining contact information and delivery details, from search to setting up your profile, account details, address book, payment methods and more. It also includes a lot of screens you don't normally think of creating (error screens for example) such as what happens if 'nothing is found' or you have no internet connection.

It's a robust free Figma template with a unique color scheme that is very easy to update to your own brand, so why not try it out? Try the Ulmo eCommerce kit today!

For access to the free Figma Ulmo eCommerce Kit; click the big red 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma page.  This will then add the Ulmo eCommerce UI Kit template to your working files library which you can edit immediately.

Author: Roman Beliaev

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