Snap Illustrations - Digital Icon Pack

These 25 digital illustrations look absolultey amazing! Though unfortunately the free version of this Figma template only includes flat .png versions of the illustrations, it doesn't provide easily editable Figma vector shapes.  But if you're looking to create a really beautiful website concept very, very quickly then grabbing these assets and dropping them into your web design will immediately improve the visual quality and engagement of your website concept design.

The digital illustration pack includes detailed illustrations that focus on common digital tasks and icons such as: Wifi, Play/pause/stop icons, email, thumbs up, redo, undo, help, folders, wifi, battery life and many more. All of which look engaging, sweet, clean and professional. Be sure to download today and try them out on your web and mobile concept designs!

To download the free Figma Snap Illustrations Digital Icon Pack simply click the big red button below, then click the duplicate button in the top right corner of the screen and you're done.

Author: Craftwork

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