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If you're looking for a good example of Neubrutalism then the Gumroad website would be a good example. It combines large, simple fonts with large simple imagery that's bold and clear. While also using heavy-set black outlines and flat non gradiated black shadowing. The key point of neubrutalism is 'no gradients' and simplicity, it's almost a pop-art style and can work well when applied extremely carefully... otherwise it just looks childish.

This free Figma website template that is podcast themed uses these neubrutalist elements conservatively but consistently.  It has the thick black lines, the flat heavy shadows and a unique but simple font. It also has so much character packed in with the matt color style and use of hand drawn iconography and illustrations.

Included in the podcast web template are 5 fully editable webpages from a homepage to an about section, blog pages and 'podast details' page. All of which are full of fun, quirky elements that really catch the eye and intrugue you.

Why not try getting this free Figma template and adding in your own color scheme and neubrutalist elements? It's guaranteed to look unique and visually different than all the boring repetitive websites out there.

For access to the free Figma podcast themed neubrutalism web template just click the big red 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma page.  This will then add the template to your Figma working files library which you can edit freely.

Author: Flowbase

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