Matte iPhone Mockups

Here we have a large selection of free Figma matte iPhone mockups templates in a wide variety of colors.  There's almost 200 different versions all of which look amazing.

Included are iPhone 12 mockups plus mockups for iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPhone X R, iPhone X S, iPhone 11, 12 and 13 plus iPhone 13 Pro. It really is a comprehensive collection and all of them look perfect and high quality.

If you're looking to showcase your app designs then putting them insitu within a phone mockup is heavily recommended, it allows you to really understand how the app would look and feel, plus it shows if any iPhone notches or curves could get in the way or intefere with your design layout.

Plus the selection of colors in these mockups is amazing, there's such a wide variety which means no matter the color scheme of your mobile screen design, you can match the design to the iPhone mockup color, which helps blend the whole mockup/design together seamlessly.

To use this set of free Figma matte iPhone mockups then click the button below and then the Figma community page will be opened, you then tap the 'Open in Figma' button and just like that, the free mockup template is available in your working files.

Author: Luis Orea

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