Material You and Android 13

This is what we term a 'premium' free Figma design template. Every part of this Material You and Android 13 design system has been crafted with great care and a talented eye.

Included are a wide variety of templates, components and UI designs for the Material You design system. This is Google's official design system that a UI designer has completely stripped down to its individual design elements and then rebuilt them to create this free Figma Material You and Android 13 template.

The first page we highly advise you review is the 'Mockups → Mobile' page which includes a variety of mobile UI mockups for the Google Android 13 interface. So if you don't wish to create mobile UI interfaces by dragging and dropping individual components then instead just grab these mockup pages and tweak however you require, saving a lot of time.

Also included in this free Figma Material You and Android 13 design system are thousands of components for app bars, badges, buttons, cards, chips, switches, checkboxes, lists, dividers, menus, navigation, sliders, tabs, text fields and toolbars. Plus there's a color scheme and a guide on the typography of the Material You Google design system.

If you love Google and you love the Google phone, or even just Android phones in general, then this design system and mockups template should be of great use to you.

To access this free Figma Material You and Android 13 design system template and Google design system template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Eduardo Pratti

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