MasterGo - Free Figma Payment App

From payments to on-boarding, registration and more, this amazing and sharp looking set of free Figma mobile app screens is a great resource for inspiration.  If you're looking to create a professional and refined mobile application then this is a great starting point.

Also of note is the color scheme, with an acqua green and cream tangerine, they combine to create a soft but unique style.

To access and use these free Figma payment app screens, click the big red button below, then when Figma opens, select all the elements (ctrl+a for PC, command+a for Mac) then copy them (ctrl+c or command+c) then open a new Figma file and paste the elements in (ctrl+v or command+v).  Either that or click the drop down arrow next to the title of the Figma file at the top of the page and select 'Duplicate to your drafts'.

Author: OutCrowd

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