Illustration and Icon Megapack

Here we have a very random selection of icons and illustrations. You'll really need to go carefully browse through all the pages of this free Figma template to find what you need. But you will definitely find some great designs here.

Included in this Illustration and Icon Megapack are:

  • Over 5000 icons in 18px, 24px, 32px sizes.
  • Over 1000 editable, vector illustrations.
  • Hundreds of avatars.
  • almost a thousand 3D graphics
  • 100 Mesh Gradients
  • Over a thousand skteches and doodles.

What's really great about this pack is that the illustrations are in vector format and editable. So you can simply double click them and change the colors in seconds.  

To download this free Figma Illustrations and Icons Megapack: click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the "Open in Figma" button on the subsequent Figma community page.

Author: Parth Atara

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