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The more you deep dive into the Golio Webpage Maker the better it gets! First up we have a complete and beautiful design system that contains everything you need to create a modern and professional website design and then you also have fully editable UI building blocks that you simply combine to create well structured and beautiful website page designs in seconds.

All of the UI building blocks are fully editable and all of them made using auto-layout, this is about as good as you can get in regards to a free Figma template... actually even if you had to pay for this template it's still absolutely worth it with just the sheer amount of time saving.

Included are UI components for the hero section, the team, FAQs, call to actions, pricing tables, footers, contact forms, 404 error pages, testimonials and features components. Simply create a new blank artboard, copy and paste the UI blocks into your artboard and within seconds you have a well strucutured and effective design, just wow!

To access this free Figma Golio Webpage Maker template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Templatecookie

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