Glaze Figma 3D

Grab these free Figma 3D shapes and then you can start creating some really fun and eye-catching designs.

These shapes provide for some excellent decoration of a website, as you can drop them in the background and add some parallax effects for visual interest or combine them to create a feature image at the top of your website.

What's so great about these free Figma 3D shapes is that's they're just so vibrant they pop out of the screen, they are also very generic shapes so no matter what type of website you have, you can drop in these shapes and they'll feel like a natural addition. They also work well on dark and light backgrounds.

Included in this free Figma template are 23 different shapes with the option to apply monochrome or gradients to them to really add some variety and uniqueness.

To access these free Figma 3D shapes just click the red button below, then click the Open in Figma button and then you're free to start editing.

Author: Eduard

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