Glassmorphism Weather App

After reviewing over 100 Glassmorphism Figma templates, this one is by far the best in quality, but unfortunately not the best in quantity.

Included are only 2 mobile app screens, but these 2 screens are absolutely packed with content. So when you access this Glassmorphism Weather App Figma file be sure to immediately open the 'Prototype' page and click the 'Present' button to see how it works in all it's glory. As this mobile app requires some swiping to see all the UI elements, all of which look beautiful, clean and understandable at a glance.

This is the best type of Glassmorphism design as it only uses the glass effect sparingly which makes it all the more impactful when it is used. The coloring and layout all combine to create such as amazing looking UI design that's filled with character and also just plain stunning in quality.

If you're searching for more Glassmorphism designs you can also check out this set of varied Glassmorphism components.

To access this free Figma glassmorphism weather app; just click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the Figma community page and just like that the template will appear in the homepage section of Figma.

Author: Aksonvady Phomhome

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