Fun 3D Hand Gestures

You'll be surprised how many times you'll need some 3D hands artwork while digital designing and this set of free Figma 3D hand gestures icons are the best you'll find.  They look amazing, they're colorful, fun, silly and work well when applied to almost any design.

A great example for the use of hand icons is when you want to show positivity, or something is true, or if you wish to show that something is approved, just drop in a 'thumbs up' icon and users get the message immediately.

Hands can convey a huge range of messages so can be a great asset when you want to reduce the copy and just get the message across quickly.

Included in this set of fun 3D hand gestures are icons for thumbs up, crossed fingers, the OK symbol, pointing, the heavy metal sign and more, plus a selection of decorative elements such as stars, lightning bolts and more.

To access the free Figma Fun 3D Hand Gestures assets: click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you will now have an editable version of the 3D assets in your Figma working files library.

Author: Bysany

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