Neumorphic and Skeumorphic UI

Create a dark themed Neumorphic style mobile app using this epic looking set of mobile screen designs.

What I love about this set of 8 mobile screen designs is that they all work seamlessly together, the darkness makes imagery really, really stand out and the buttons look like you just want to click them, which sounds unimportant but getting users to interact and click elements of an app that you create is the most important part of the whole thing, you really need users to want to play with your app. Nothing loses users interest faster than a clunky, uninspiring interface.

If you're looking to create a dark themed mobile app or website then this free Figma template is a perfect starting point.

To download the Neumorphic and Skeumorphic dark mobile app elements, simply click the big red button below, scroll to the bottom of the Dribble webpage and click the grey download button.  Then drag the .fig file into your Figma program.

Author: Andrew Mamontov

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