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It can be extremely hard to find good fonts to use on your website designs or apps, and that difficulty becomes 100 times more difficult if you're looking to use free fonts. So luckily we're here to swoop in and save your day with this huge selection of free modern fonts. They all look great and have really experienced times behind their creation, so the quality is generally very high across all fonts showcased.

Now Figma won't instantly allow you to use these fonts, you will need to download them, but luckily within this free Figma template the designer has included a direct link to all fonts showcased (in the grey bar above each font).

Included are free modern fonts in sans serif style, serif style and mono space style. If you're wondering what mono means, it's that: each of the letters and characters have the same width, which can be useful in more traditional print advertising, command lines or more real world displays.

Our current favorites from this selection are:
Archia - modern fonts are playing with their descenders a lot at the moment and this font does that too.

Aspekta - due to it's extremely clean and simple looks.

Brockman - subtle but strong angles add a unique look to this font.

Cygre - if you need a break from Montserrat but need a rounded simple look, this is feels like a close family friend.

To access this free modern fonts pack for Figma: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Tiptop Type

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