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This free Figma illustration maker kit includes a large set of everyday scenes and scenarios that can be used for almost any website.

This pack includes female and male figures with easily interchangeable heads and bodies you simply just drag and drop them from the assets menu to create various looks. Also included is a selection of robots but you probably won't need these as much.

What I really love is actually the background environments, these look really professional but don't dominate the scene, so you can overlay anything over the top of them to create a really interesting and professional look. Some useful scenes you can easily create are: working from home due to Covid, meeting friends in a park or having business interactions.  All of which can be created in seconds.

To access this free Figma illustration maker kit, simply click the big red button below, then click 'Open in Figma' and you now have a working file in your Figma program.

Author: Craftwork

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