Learning User Interface Kit

With everyone at home, bored and looking to improve themselves, eLearning has exploded in popularity.  So with all these new eLearning websites popping up you might want to join them and create your own eLearning designs. Enjoy this mega kit containing a large selection of components and landing pages all of which are well structured and work really well.

This Figma template uses some really bright orange and yellow colors, but if you wished to tone it down just replace all orange elements to perhaps a desaturated red or bright blue. This eLearning template really works well with any strong color.

To access the Figma eLearning kit just click the link below, which links to a Google Drive file. Download the zip, extract the Fig file and drop into your Figma program. Unfortunately this eLearning UI kit doesn't include imagery but you can just grab what you need from Unsplash.com or a similar free imagery library.

Author: Cr8tiv Yemmy

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