Free Figma 2D Avatar Constructor

When building a new concept design it's always good to have some fun example avatars.  This avatar construction kit for Figma allows you to piece together a large collection of diverse characters for your avatars.

This isn't a Figma avatar 'plugin' per se, but is very similar, as you don't really require any design skills, you just click on one of the already created avatars and if you want to change the face, or hair just right click it, select 'Swap instance' and select a different haircut, it really is that easy. Also to change colors, just click on an item and change the color by clicking the color swab on the 'Selection colors' menu on the right.

To grab this free Figma avatar constructor simply click the big red button below, scroll down the subsequent page and click the 'Download for free' button, then enter your email address and postcode and check for email for the download link, once downloaded extract the .fig file and drag into your Figma program.


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