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Now you may be thinking, why would I need a bunch of random abstract shapes for my website or application designs? Well it's very simple, boring websites sometimes require some unusual, artistic or abstract visuals to be included so you have something interesting to look at. When a page is just pure text, it makes people sleepy, so by adding some decorative elements you add a moment of joy or mental stimulation.

This set of 100 Figma based free abstract shapes is great because of the sheer amount of options and also because the shapes are vector based so you can scale up or down as much as required and you won't lose visual quality. You can also change the colors of these abstract shapes with just a click of the mouse, so they can be tailored to your brand style in seconds.

Some useful websites or mobile apps these abstract shapes would suit well are: maths or physics based websites, financial or accounting sites, straightforward corporate sites or stock exchanges sites.

To access these free Figma abstract shapes; just click the download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button and you will now have an editable version of the shapes in your Figma working files library.

Author: Yan Liu

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