Free 3D Icons for Figma

Add a touch of visual interest and quality to your website with these free 3D icons made for Figma.  The icons cover a wide variety of subjects and come in 2 packs.  

First we have 3D icons pack #1 which includes icons for the topics: awards, security, charts, finance and documents. Access the Figma template right here.

Plus we have 3D icons pack #2 which covers various topics such as cryptocurrencies, finance, food, digital and social. Access the Figma template right here.

What makes these icons so special is that they’ve been rendered in 3D at a very slight  angle, while dropping subtle shadow to give depth, which makes them an enticing and different look than your normal boring line icons.

To access the Figma free 3D icons just click the big red button below or the 2 links above and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the top right hand side of the next screen, then your can edit your free Figma templates straight away.

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