Flamingo Design System

The Flamingo Design System is a really beautiful and fully featured UI kit that follows the Atomic Design Methodology, basically meaning it divides components into more and more complex visual elements (such as from a single button to a full submission form) called: atoms, molecules and organisms.

What makes the Flamingo Design System different is that it works really well for website applications, it's less focused on providing support for visually impressive websites and more focused on websites that provide real functionality. Some examples would be an online finance app or online software purchasing app all in a fun, solid and clean design.

Included in this kit are a huge variety of elements from colors to typography, buttons, inputs, selects, text areas, checkboxes, lists, tables, form elements, alerts, notifications, dropdown elements, footer elements and more!

To access the Flamingo Design System select the big red button below, then tap the 'Open in Figma' button in the resulting page to open an editable version in Figma.

Author: Juan

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