Financial Services App

It's bright, it's colorful and it just looks so enticing, this free Figma financial services app provides you with a different perspective on how a banking of finance app could look. We're finally starting to move past having all banking apps look boring and flat, they're now becoming more user focused and bright, and this mobile app design template is a great example of that.

Included in this free Figma financial services app are mobile screen designs for onboarding, a homepage, transactions, money sending and receiving, plus wallet screens. All of which are easy to understand and showcase a lot of technical details in the small space of a mobile app.

If you're looking to create a banking app, a loan app or a pay in 4 style money app we highly recommend checking out this template. Also included is support for 'Blush' which is a 2D illustrations service, so you can drop in fun and high quality illustrations too.

To access this free Figma financial services app template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Blush

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