Eva Design System

The Eva Design System is a very large and very comprehensive digital design system that should really help you to build out professional and beautiful user interfaces and mobile applications.

I would call it a subtle design with bright but muted color theming and a very functional and simple use of typography.

For a good understanding of the overall look and feel of the Eva Design System; navigate straight to the 'Components Overview' page and you'll see how the seperate elements work seamlessly with each other.  Also if you're technical you should know it was made with the UI Kitten - React Native component library combined with the Nebular - Angular component library.

Also included is well over 400 different icons all of which look well crafted and work well in a range of sizes.

To download the Eva Design System simply click the big red button below to access the GumRoad page, select version 1.3 and enter a price (it can be $0) and click the 'I Want This' button. Then add your email address and download the zip file.  Extract the .sketch file, drag into your Figma program and you're good to go.

Author: Akveo Design

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