eCommerce Onboarding and Login

Included in this template is a large selection of flattened layouts (which is unfortunate), but the good content: is the onboarding and login screens, as these are fully editable Figma templates.

Normally we wouldn't feature a free Figma template that it's 100% editable, but this eCommerce mobile app just looks so modern and eye catching that we couldn't ignore it. Everything from the colors to the layout and stylistic elements are all perfect, so if you applied this design to your own mobile UI design it's a guarantee that your design is going to look amazing.

So we recommend using this style and layout as your base and then building upon it with all the other screens you need to design and if you ever get stuck just have a look at the flattened screens for inspiration.

To access this free Figma eCommerce onboarding and login template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: DjectStudio

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