Designer Portfolio UI Kit

Here we have a really unique set of desktop and mobile UI designs. The theme is portfolio designer, so basically someone wanting to showcase their design portfolio but you could really use these designs for any kind of website that's trying to look unique and quirky. 

Though it needs to be said these designs are for advanced designers, because they have such unusual layouts you need to adjust them very carefully as if you update without trying to keep good structure and a good color theme they can very quickly look childish and unprofessional, it's a very, very careful balance.

Included in this Figma based designer portfolio UI kit are 5 totally different landing page designs in desktop and also mobile sizes.  So if you're wondering how these UI designs would scale down to mobile sizes you just need to check out the mobile versions included.

If you're wondering our favorite designs? Well the final design has the most coherent layout but with a touch of unusual quirkiness, so that may be the best one to update and adjust in your own unique style. Best of luck!

To get the free Figma portfolio designer kit template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below then click or tap the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent website.

Author: Abigail Aghaibie

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