Design+Code Design System

Introducing the clean and beautiful Design+Code Design System, this is the perfect beginner Design System to help you either create your own Design System or to help you understand how to build out a Design System or you can simply use this template to create clean and modern websites, apps and software as it's a really great set of components.

The origins of this beginner Design System is actually from a school course which explains why it's been so carefully laid out and with few technical issues. Many free Figma templates can be made a little too quickly and with errors, as there's no money or oversight involved but since this is for education you can be a little more confident in its construction.

Included in this free beginner Design System are a large set of components but not so many as to appear confusing or overwhelming. They include a color palette, icons, shadows, grids, typography, forms, cards, overlays and much more.  Check it out today!

To access the free Figma Design+Code Design System; click the red download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button in the top right corner.

Author: Design+Code Team

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